Wall objects: 3Dprinted swf - glassfiber - automotive paint.   

ELEVATION: azzurro chiarro- GOLDEN RATIO/PH :lotus silver grey - CADUCEUS: ferrari verde medio -AESCULAPIUS: rosso ferrari -LUXURIA PILL: white mother of pearl - LUXURIA PILL oxblood red                                                                                                                         

Luxuria is a series of projects that reflect our desires. The title, Luxuria, is defined in ancient Latin as lust, representing our longing and desire for sex, power, money, objects or food. Distinct from basic human needs, it propels a potent hunger, taking any shape or form, demanding fulfillment.


Inspiration is drawn from a narcotizing society: (illegally made) ecstacy pills that differentiate through different shapes, colours, and attractive embossed symbols or images. Keywords: temptation – lust – ecstacy.  The first two designs of the round Luxuria Pill are inspired by the classical tablet shape and the phenomena of pill usage in general. Where does the medical necessity to use pills end and begins the “lust” aspect of such usage? This is explained in the statement about Luxuria: “ Ask yourself”.    
The pills later in the series, Caduceus- PHI/GoldenRatio – Aesculapius – Elevation, can be regarded as metaphors and take a deeper dive into the philosophical questions: how do I reach a next level, where can I find relief? How do I overcome momentary lust? Where can I find deeper meaning? The lustrous, glossy, and colourful works have internationally recognizable symbols that may seduce the viewer to wonder: what do I see, is there a story behind this, what is it about? -