wall hanging - wall tapestry - white 99 -2018 (sold)     (wool white back background - 99 unique colors - wool

wall hanging - wall tapestry - Perla 99 -2019  (sold)     (pearl grey background - 99 unique colors - wool

hand tufted at TextielMuseum Tilburg

measurements: 185 cm x 225 cm

"The vibrant work aims to lure and seduce the beholder. Working in a feminist way, Luxuria 99, uses 99 domes each with their own unique colour. The hand tufted tapestry is made at the Textielmuseum using a unique tufting technique. Contrasting against her recent Golden Project, with powerful bronze guns, the work shifts to delicate and fragile pompons. The colorful materials represent the energetic feminine focus in her works. Using the meticulous process of tufting wool, historically a feminine activity, she spins a new light on femininity that is more tender and soft, but equally as powerful. Using the recurring image of the dome featured in the series, the female is always at the center of her work in both material, concept, and form"