New project at TextielMuseum - Embroidery department.

A text is translated into 644 embroidered tulips:

From Narcissus and Goldmund:
"With some mysterious sense Goldmund also divined the secret of his artistic nature, of his profound love of art, his sometimes rampant hatred of it. Not intellectually but emotionally, he sensed by way of many parables that art was a uniting of the paternal and maternal world, of mind and blood; it could begin at the most sensual level and lead to the most abstract realms, or it might have its origin in a pure world of ideas and end in the bloodiest of flesh. All those works of art that were truly sublime, not merely the work of skillful charlatans but imbued with the eternal mystery – such as that Blessed Virgin of the master’s – all those indisputable works of art had that dangerous, smiling dual face, that male/female element, that juxtaposition of animal instinct and pure spirituality."

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